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Organically Sourced,
Beautifully Served.

Alabastra is recovering the original timeless purity of the Cannabis Plant through organic science and cutting edge methodology. 

Albuquerque, NM

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Exploring the Code,
Collecting the Best.

Our founders spent years searching for the most precious specimens - the absolute best - and their lineages.  This is how we commence our ritual, by delving deep into the DNA of the plants.  

Singular Genes | Singular Grows | Distinctive Results

Committed to the Highest Quality Solventless Products that cannabis can produce.

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From Seed to Freeze,
Perfectly Refined.

Absolutely no non-organic pesticides are used at any stage of our process, so you are never consuming poison. These high quality solventless products are rigorously tested from seed to shelf.


Experience Nature

Using only Ice, Water, Heat and Pressure to extract the solventless concentrate form the finest cannabis flower in New Mexico. 

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Cold Processed Extraction Methods

This simply translates to more flavor, better yields, and better products.  Cut, Freeze, and Wash - that's it! The plants are never subjected to spending weeks on a shelf, and never handled like "common stock." 

From conception to consumer, our focus is on you, the plants, and our solventless process.  

We take pride in creating High Quality, Solventless Cannabis Extracts.

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